Friday, January 23, 2009

Time flies when you're having rum.....

Or watching pirate movies. Or both! All are acceptable ways to spend a rare snow day, as long as you are knitting.

No snow day for me though. I was hard at work once we slogged through the ruination of our secondary road. No knitting in the company of friends that night either. Sigh.

So, this Tuesday was a long-distance participation in Knit-Night. I am now in a race to finish a baby gift for one who is set to arrive at the end of the month and to start another for an April girl. To make things even more interesting, my friend Lenore challenged me to a race. Pictures to follow.

As for the sweater, I goofed. I have pics of it in progress, but the final product was not captured photographically for posterity. Oh well.