Friday, February 19, 2010

Noodling along...

Winter seemed to loosen its icy grip a bit today in our corner of the universe. Although the cold weather has helped my knitting production, I was happy to see the sun for a little while today. We are also supposed to have a better-than-average weekend as well.

I just looked over the resolutions. One month out and I have already fallen off the yarn diet somewhat. Last weekend, I visited a LYS and came out with some new stash fodder. Almost all of it was for gifts to be. I have managed to finish a gift in plenty of time to take pictures (although I haven't yet -- that would be too easy!) and start a new project. But the year is still young and I have time for improvement.

On a separate note, I do feel like I have improved in using Ravelry. It is very useful for keeping track of the patterns I like and intend to knit. Keeping the yarn and the pattern together is also helpful. And it is encouraging to see that I do finish some things (even if it is not as much as I would like.)