Saturday, September 29, 2012

Waltzing Matilda...

This is Matilda. 

She is an Ashford Travller.  Ashford is a New Zealand company, but I don't think she takes offense at the association of her name.  I first met Matilda at a fiber festival in western NC.  After a short conversation, she agreed to come home with me.

Matilda, or "Tillie" as I have come to call her is a castle style wheel.  It's more compact than a traditional Saxony wheel that one usually sees in fairy tale productions where some poor maiden is being coerced to spin straw into gold.  Tillie is built for travel at a svelte seven pounds.  She is curvaceous and sturdy.

Tillie and I have spent a bit of time over the past few months getting to know one another.  She's a little wary of the dogs, who both seem to be regularly suspicious and negligent by turns despite the fact that she has resided in either the living room or the library for almost a year now.

We're also learning to work together.  So far, we've made this:

And this:

And also these:

We're still learning.  I look forward to the says we work well together.  Tillie hums as she works.  I find it soothing to listen to her songs as we create together.