Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress? (ahem)

In looking back to New Year's 2011, I am taking stock as to how it went with the resolutions for 2010.

I did learn to spin. The singles are getting more consistent and looking less like the middle from a golf ball. I hope to continue to improve and find the best method for me. In October, I added two new spindles of differing weights to see what that would be like. And although I am lusting after a particular wheel, I have not actually taken the plunge and made the investment in it yet. Spinning has also widened my circle of friends. It's easy to talk to someone for the first time with a common interest. Crafters aren't shy about asking questions about that pattern or this fiber or whatever project. I continue to be amazed by the talent in abundance around me.

Pictures are improving. They don't get posted any quicker, but at least they exist somewhere.

My stash is not currently growing....much. I don't tend to cruise the interwebs as much as I once did, probably because I am fed up in general with my computer. I work with one all day, so I tend not to spend time there when I could be doing something else. Like knitting or spinning.

I did feel better about my finishing this year. There are still a few UFOs floating about, but at least I am being honest with myself about them. It's not a race. To make sure that the FO is its best, I find I have to be in the right frame of mind to put on the final touches. Those just don't come around as much as they probably should.

The queue....well that's probably the weakest progress. I find that my queue is where I put the dream projects. Some of those patterns have no business being there because of the skill level required, the yarn I don't have, the impracticality of the garment, etc. But on another level, I put things in there that may not end up as a final object. Some are in there just for inspiration.

I don't think I will make any new resolutions for 2011. After all, it took until now in January to get this posted. For now, I think I will continue to work on these and try to enjoy the process more.