Friday, May 16, 2008

We're back!!!!

Hi all! The knitting basket is as full as ever and I have stopped long enough to post snippets.

First, the bad news. My favorite LYS in all the world closed. :-( A group of the regulars has formed a support group and we have begun meeting at the local Starbucks every two weeks. There are plans for a resurrection, but capital and location are a challenge. In the meantime, I have cut back on my yarn purchases.

But all is not lost -- I have finished the pinwheel sweater! It made its debut last week at our meeting. I do not have pictures yet, but I am pleased with the way it turned out.

New socks are also on the needles. I am attempting a pattern called 'monkey' by Cookie. It is available in the free patterns on the website. The pattern is a variation of lace that looks like overlapping bamboo shoots. It is labeled under the 'experienced' skill level, but so far, so good. I am turning the heel on the first sock now and have not goofed up the lace pattern yet (knock, knock).

I am also in the middle of a spring sweater experiment. A few months ago, I went to a warehouse sale at a local mill. There was a lot of novelty yarn, but also a few natural fibers. I bought a really soft thick-and-thin cotton yarn in a variegated colorway that I wasn't really sure what to do with. A gauge swatch later on size 13 big fatty needles, and I had a plan. It's a simple plan really, just a front, back and slightly flared sleeves. The front and back are complete, as is about half of one sleeve. Because it is not too fiddly, I hope to have it done in time to wear before the weather gets too hot.

Next up is a dyeing experiment. I ordered a few hanks of natural yarn in preparation for some free time in the next few weekends. There was a really good article on about dyeing yarn with KoolAid. I have also seen a few things on TV that look almost simple enough to do in my kitchen. The good thing is 1) KoolAid is relatively cheap as a dyeing agent, 2) it smells pretty good -- lots better than an acid dye, and 3) it will probably come off the counter and the floor.

Hopefully new posts will come more frequently now. Things are settling down and I will have more time for knitting in the near future (and hopefully for pictures. Sorry for the delay.)

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