Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall is in the air

Yesterday was the first fall-like day that I have been privileged to experience. Although the weather was nice last weekend at the CRF, it got a little sweaty towards the middle of the afternoon. Yesterday was breezy with just enough of a nip in the air to let me know we had passed Labor Day. Yay Fall!

I particularly enjoy the season because it encourages me to work more on my knitting. It's just easier to hunker down on the sweater when you REALLY want to wear it the next day or next week. It also doesn't make working on the Christmas stockings seem as ridiculous when you can sort of imagine snow as a vague possibility in the near future.

And then there are the church bazaars and fall festivals. Well, who can say no to a cup of cider or the scent of hand decorated cinnamon brooms? I am also hopeful that I can attend a fiber festival towards the end of October. It would be my first, but I think it would also be a lot of fun.

The projects are going well. The baby sweater has made significant progress, although I anticipate sending an IOU for it to the mother's shower. Oh well. I also started a vest for myself. It is probably going to undergo a "design change." The pattern has a plain back and a cable pattern on the front. In knitting the back with my thick & thin yarn, I found that it made a wonderful "bubble" pattern. Sort of an illusion of the yarn, but pretty cool nonetheless. After consultation with the needle gurus of my knitting circle, I'm going to do the front in plain stockinette also. Less work and better results than getting lost in all of the cabling frou-frou. Pictures to come soon.

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