Friday, October 2, 2009

All the leaves are brown....

OK not really, but I did just notice that it is the first of October, so it really can't be too far away. Fits of knitting have continued over the summer and I am just now able to have something to show for it. But not just now. The chill in the air is inspiring me to work a bit more and there are a few things that are thisclose to being completed. And (sigh) I need to take some pictures.

One problem that I have during the fall is stash management. I enjoy shopping for yarn, both on line and in my LYS. I try to curb the urge to buy yarn that I don't have a current project for or just because it's on sale. This is pretty easy in the summer down south because it's really too hot to knit much of anything larger than socks or more substantial than lace. But when fall comes around, it tests my reserve. There is the influx of catalogs that suddenly find themselves in my house. Boxes start showing up with yarn that I don't remember ordering. Knitting patterns that were not part of the queue of projects to be wiggle out of their hiding places and find strategic places around the house. Before I know it, I am standing outside the yarn shop with a bag full of yarn, a rogue pattern and a credit card receipt wondering what the hell just happened.

The up side is that the cool weather makes me want to knit more. Like every-second-I-am-awake more. It is good for my finishing, but I also start a few more projects. I look forward to this time of year for both those reasons.

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