Monday, July 16, 2007

Eek! A steek! (Part 2)

OK...I haven't forgotten about the steek. It's just that I sort of lost my nerve AND the piece of knitting for a couple of days. This weekend, it surfaced to the top of the project bag. There will be no more procrastination. It's on the ironing board now (along with a test swatch) awaiting blocking, stitching and the cut of the steek. After I finish the research allotment for today (which was put off to doodle on the blog a bit), it will be time to plunge headlong into the unknown. And I do promise that there will be pictures, no matter what the result. Wish me luck!

Update: July 19. The best laid plans have gone quietly awry this week with an early arrival for dinner (Mon), a school event (Tues), an unexpected trip (Wednesday), and a test tomorrow (Fri.). No, its not steeked yet, but it is still located. On the ironing board in the room where my husband and dogs don't go. Never fear -- it will get done this weekend BEFORE I start reading Harry's latest adventure.

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