Monday, July 2, 2007

Kung-Fu knittastic

It's the season of blistering afternoons and deep purple ripened blackberries here in my part of the world. For the past two weeks, it's been a ritual. Put on the long pants, shoes with covered toes, and one leather glove. Grab the keys, a little bucket, and let the dogs out. Set out some cold water for the puppies and head into the briars for as much totally organic, pesticide-free succulent fruity goodness as you have the inclination to collect in the fresh air.

I've filled the bucket to different levels every day. Some blackberries went to the freezer, some to an experimental pancake syrup, and some to a friend who likes them in cobbler. That was after having them fresh with yogurt or just out of hand as a snack.

Berry-picking in the afternoon is hot work. When I come in, I end up in a melted heap on the couch thanking the electric company for AC and watching whatever channel comes up when I flip on the TV. It is a terrible habit.

Lately, the remote has landed on a whole LOT of martial arts films and I am fascinated. During 'Enter the Dragon' (the first Bruce Lee film I have ever watched from beginning to end), I was knitting like mad. Ditto for whatever I caught the last half of the next day. Crazy-fast knitting! Today, I didn't have the needles up because I got too wrapped up in "Hero." The scenery had me thinking of some yarn in the luxe stash (Noro Silk Garden Lite) that has not yet told me what it wants to be when it grows up. And other scenes (that had a single color in both the setting and in the costumes -- too cool) got me to thinking about an original design. (More on that one later, I think.)

It's crazy. Two totally unrelated subjects that appear to have a relationship. I don't know what element (the music, the action, delayed dialogue?) makes the stitches and rows flow while the kicks are flying. But they are having a martial arts film marathon on the 4th....maybe I will start a new project at the beginning and see how much I can get done by the end.

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