Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The best laid plans.....

I have been taking a summer course for the last five weeks. This is turning out to be a mistake in judgement on my part. A full-sized semester of work has been crammed in the abbreviated (pint-sized) schedule. That means that this post is the break between working on two full sized papers and fretting about a presentation (for Tuesday AM) that has not even seen the start of a PowerPoint slide. In short, I'm going nuts.

The class only lasts another six meetings, so I am trying to hang on. Then, it will be a short break until the fall session begins meeting. Even though the semester is longer, the classes don't meet on consecutive days. It sort of makes the week easier in a weird way.

I did manage to finish Harry Potter. Farewell Hogwarts! The vest is still awaiting its "surgery" and the little dress is a sleeveless number right now, but I hope to set those to rights shortly. Pics to follow once they are complete.

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