Thursday, September 6, 2007

Frankenstein's knit bag

Maybe I should save this for the holiday next month (although I hope to have my little seamstress job done in time to post for that), but I have to share it somewhere now.

I looked into the 'in-progress' bag to assess damage and the progress to the end of a few things that have been hanging around as I was looking for a 'takealong' project for an upcoming long car ride. It was like being in Frankenstein's lab. There were sleeves for the little dress (still unattached), the back of a summer tank (waiting for the front), a test swatch for a winter sweater, a test swatch for a light fall/spring sweater, and the steek-needin' vest. All reasonably close to completion and still in pieces. NONE of them appealed to me at the moment.

I think I will end up taking the little dress because 1) there is no pattern so that is one less thing to carry around, 2) it is close enough to finished that I will probably complete it on the ride, and 3) it will let me put off the steek for another day.

The mad-scientist in me was tempted to make something crazy from the sleeves and a few of the swatches. Then, run the whole thing up on the roof during the lightning storm and metal needles. ITS ALIVE! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

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