Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Androcles and the Lion

(Reader note: If you have never read Aesop's Fables, I suggest you run to your nearest library, find the kindly lady that reads to the children every day at 10:00 and beg her to tell you what I am talking about. Or just Google it...but that would be almost cheating.)

I have often heard it said that you should always be good to those you meet on the way up because you never know who you will meet on the way down. Enter the story of Androcles. A little bravery, an act of kindness and two minutes out of his busy day saved his bacon in the middle of the gladiatorial ring.

I was reminded of this story when I was flipping through channels and came across a PBS program reading the book Andy and the Lion, loosely based on the fable. And it also happened to be the same day that I finished this little guy.

It was not exactly a revelation, but it was enough to make me think: Slow down and make a conscious effort to help those I can, particularly when it costs me little or nothing.

The lion (who was promptly dubbed "Rory" by my favorite Patty in all the world) is based on a pattern from a toy book. I don't remember which one, because I forgot to write it down. The legs are different because I intentionally made him floppy. I also recommend knitting it in the round, because 1) there are a lot of pieces to this joker and 2) less seams = more peace in my knitting happy place.

More to come soon. I get to knit for a baby and these pieces go pretty fast!!!

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Tommy said...

The pattern is from World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny.
I loaned you the pattern. Rory turned out so great. Toys are the best things to knit. The increases, decreases and stitching have taught me so much. I'm so glad I know you!