Monday, July 28, 2008

Monkey sock, not a sock monkey

This is a long awaited picture of socks knitted from the pattern titled "Monkey" in a article last year. You can find it here. It was my first attempt at lace. These were also knitted at slightly larger than gauge because I did not possess size #2 DPNs at the time.

The pattern is marked at the second level of difficulty (advanced beginner?), which is fairly accurate. If you are tired of plain ribbed socks, these are a good step up. The pattern makes them interesting and it's not too hard to find where you were in the pattern when you last left off. If I did anything differently, I think I would have picked a lighter shade. The pictures don't really pick up all of the lace pattern because the colors in the yarn are a little too strong. All in all, I am still pretty happy with the final result.

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